Maroochydore FAQ…


Get the facts.

How much does it cost for Students or Adults?
Monthly fee’s start at $55 per month for students and up to $65 per month for adults. Discounts apply to families, couples, and friends. Please call for individual prices.
When can I start?
Anytime, we encourage to come and watch one of our classes and offer 2 free start up lessons.
Are prior martial arts or sports training needed?
No, our beginner course is structured to promote fitness and co-ordination on an individual level but we like to know what other martial arts or sports you have done because it might have some similarities and help your understanding of the Tang Soo Tao movement and philosophy.
I did another martial art before; will my rank or belt be recognised in Tang Soo Tao?
This is done on a case by case basis.  If your previous martial art was significantly different to ours, then you might have to begin at white belt. Please call us to discuss further.
What is the youngest student that can start?
Eleven years old.
I find concentration for extended periods challenging, will this be a problem?
No, our classes are varied and engaging.  Students and Adults will learn basics about meditation, awareness training, and how to look, listen, learn, and perform.  In Tang Soo Tao we aim to develop muscle memory, so regular exercises through repetition helps with concentration and learning.
Is Tang Soo Tao a contact martial art?
Yes, but with control.  All contact is supervised by an experienced black belt instructor.  When students become more senior, the contact increases, but so does the control. (See our website videos “sparring or tournament” titles that demonstrate controlled contact)
Is there a minimum attendance required to train?
Yes, two days per week is the minimum attendance required so students can learn the syllabus, be physically fit, strong and be ready to participate in the scheduled tests/grading’s throughout the year.