Dieter Spielkamp Sa Bom Nim

Master Spielkamp became the Sa Bom Nim of the Organisation in 2021.

He began training Tang Soo Tao in 1974 inspired by Master Caputo’s presence, charisma and clear vision that; through his martial training, he could achieve a connection to the Buddhist philosophy and principles.

As Master Caputo’s first student, Master Spielkamp not only learnt Tang Soo Tao but also developed a close friendship, and this continues to inspire him to this day.

Master Spielkamp’s training has provided him the opportunity to travel to India and receive teachings about Buddhism by his Holiness Ling Rinpoche. This he has used to develop the spiritual path of Tang Soo Tao, and is still guiding students now. Students are provided a pathway to better understanding of a higher level of conscience awareness and being part of the universe.

Master Spielkamp has been a leader of the Organisation for over 40 years and continues to guide and mentor its Instructors to ensure the philosophy of master Caputo and the training principles are preserved and kept at the highest standard, and to inspire others to follow the pure path of Tang Soo Tao.