Kyo Sa Nim Rob Oliver 2nd Dan

Kyo Sa Nim Rob Oliver is a 2nd Dan Black belt and has been training in Tang Soo Tao for over 12 years.

Introduced to Tang Soo Tao through his wife (Senior Instructor Master Anna Oliver) over 23 years ago, Rob decided many years later  to join & “give it a go”. He felt after watching on the sidelines for so long, that Tang Soo would develop & improve his coordination, maintain strength & conditioning, keeping the body strong. This would enable him to continue his passion for surfing & snowboarding which after some minor injuries he was finding harder to perform.

Rob says, “Tang Soo Tao has given me another form of personal development, confidence, mental awareness & internal peace. Through the repetition of performing forms and combinations the body and mind develops and strengthens; and like any rewarding experience, I want to share it with others and pass on the knowledge I’ve learnt to other students”. Mr Oliver now teaches beginner students & Karate Kids and is enabling others to take up the Tang Soo journey.

As his training continues, Mr Oliver believes continued participation in the physical & mental aspects of Tang Soo Tao will benefit his physical flexibility, strength and balance; enabling him to maintain continued fitness and health, keeping his mind and body strong for many years to come.