Master Dominic Silo 6th Dan

Sa Bom Silo began his Tang Soo Tao training career in Darwin, November 1983, most recently testing to 6th Dan at the 2023 Shim Sa.

He has travelled and trained throughout Australia, including starting a school in Adelaide before settling in Geelong and opening Silos Tang Soo Tao Karate in 2000.

He has been at the same location for 16 years.

“Tang Soo Tao is a traditional martial art and is true to its traditional values such as self-respect, respect for others and for the environment. I believe that this develops good structure and helps us to grow as martial artists.”

Sa Bom Silo says his philosophy and approach to training is very basic.

“It is simply, keep the passion and desire that we first started training with alive within ourselves and we will attain all that we require from Tang Soo Tao”