Tang Soo Tao
Tang Soo Tao is the scientific use of the body, mind and spirit in methods of self defence. It is an art tested and tempered on the lawns of Buddhist monasteries against the steel of wandering bandits and on the field of combat and its history is a long and honourable one. The mastery of its secrets cannot be bought at any price other than serious and rigorous training”.
Master Caputo


Tang Soo Tao is a multi faceted and dynamic art form that continues to develop and evolve.

At its heart is a combination of hard, fast, external and effective self defence techniques,  internal development exercises and the 10 virtues of Tang Soo Tao that guide and cultivate our moral code.

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“just thinking about training is not training”

Make your mind up today to do something that could change your life forever.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Tang Soo training experience.