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Tang Soo Tao is a traditional martial art with a long and unbroken history.

It aims, through it’s many systems, to train martial artists of the very highest calibre.

Whether it be karate kids having fun as they learn or adults engaged in the serious business of challenging themselves to be their best, Tang Soo Tao delivers.

Using hard, fast, external, effective self defence techniques alongside yoga, meditation, tai chi and qi gong our students not only develop all the skills needed to defend themselves but also to develop a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Achieving  something of importance is never easy and Tang Soo Tao is no exception. To become a competent, well rounded and capable martial artist takes commitment, discipline and spirit.

Make your decision today.

Come along to one of our centres, watch a class or join up for an introductory program but above all act.

There is no time like the present to get started and no better art form than Tang Soo Tao to guide you along your path to martial excellence.


Self Defence

Tang Soo Tao is a traditional martial art based on dynamic and effective self defence… read more

Karate Kids

Our Karate Kid’s program helps produce strong, confident and resilient children… read more


Meditation is the key to gaining control of the mind. Our greatest challenge… read more


Using the ancient principles of yoga, Tang Soo Tao warm ups develop both strength and flexibility… read more

Tai chi

Tai Chi or “Grand Ultimate” is the closing of the the Tang Soo Tao hard to soft circle…read more

Qi Gong

Drawing from the energy around us, Qi Gong cultivates, circulates and stores Qi, generating health and vitality… read more


In 1974 Master Robert Caputo founded his first martial arts school in Australia… read more

Graphics & Video

Images and video showcasing our dynamic and diverse artform… see more
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