6.20 pm – 7.30 pm Adult Class (ages 13 years and older)


5.10 pm – 6.15 pm Karate Kids (ages 6-12 years)

6.20 pm – 7.30 pm Adult Class (ages 13 years and older)

Senior instructor:

Master Gary Brown (Sa Bom)

Phone: 0409 412 885

Address: 213A Weston St

Brunswick East VIC 3057

Tang Soo Tao Melbourne

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Melbourne Tang Soo Tao is a traditional martial arts school and part of the Australian Tang Soo Tao Federation Inc. It has a culture of supportive but direct instruction to help you use martial arts as a vehicle for personal development. Whether you’re interested in martial arts for fitness, spiritual development, physical or mental confidence or simply for personal safety, Tang Soo Tao has an unbroken lineage of thousands of years of eastern traditional martial knowledge combined with the latest training techniques to help you achieve your personal training goals and to help enrich your life.

We combine an active and relaxed social club with high standards of martial arts. Students are supported by experienced teachers and student peers to gradually move through increasingly demanding belt levels.

Grading ceremonies are held every three to four months and if students have attended the required number of classes, practice outside class and demonstrate hard work and knowledge of the syllabus, they can expect to advance to the next belt level. Over many years, we have found that even the most tentative students have found gradings to be a valuable experience and an effective way to build confidence in other aspects of their lives.

Extra curricular activities, such as yoga, weekend beach or country training camps, black belt camps and a biennial national Tang Soo Tournament, complement the weekly training program. Occasional social events and celebrations of gradings also help establish an enjoyable training environment.

Tang Soo Tao is a non-profit organisation, which allows us to keep fees low. All teachers give most of their time on a voluntary basis and each student is expected to make a contribution to the development and maintenance of the club, which helps to create a sense of ownership of the club by all students.